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Pacific Coast Well Drilling's goal is to safely create the best wells for the best customers.

PCWD has the ability to complete any groundwater project for municipal, water district, industrial and agricultural customers. When drilling groundwater production wells or an exploratory test hole, hydrogeology and engineering intersect. PCWD employees utilize the right equipment to get the best-completed project.

PCWD specializes in providing water well drilling services for medium to large diameter groundwater production wells, and specializes in exploratory drilling, slim hole, and smaller completed wells.

PCWD utilizes flooded reverse rotary, conventional mud rotary, and air rotary methods to construct water wells.
PCWD utilizes the most advanced fluid cleaning and monitoring systems in the industry, including dual linear motion shaker system and state-of-the-art desilting hydro cones. This combination creates the cleanest borehole fluid and finer/sharper particle separation at higher capacities. Pacific Coast Well Drilling uses only high quality drilling fluids and polymers.

The combination of fluid cleaning systems and quality drilling products ensures minimal formation damage and reduces development time.

After construction, each well is cleaned using a two-step process. The well is swabbed to include breakdown-chemicals followed by the dual swab airlift process. This two-step process creates a cleaner, well consolidated gravel pack, and as a result dramatically improves the communication between the well and hydrogeological formation.

The end result – highest capacity, most efficient, groundwater production wells! Period!
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